Taking care of Your Mental Health
in the Face of Uncertainty 

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Felling anxious, sad, depressed?
You are NOT alone,
support is available!


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FREE Webinar:
Teens, Tweens & Quarantines” 

Tuesday April 21st
7:00 - 8:00 PM

A presentation for parents and caregivers, focusing on the impact of 
COVID-19 on our children. In a dynamic fashion, this talk will address:

  • The teen/tween brain.

  • Explain why this pandemic is so difficult for this age group.

  • Survey the process of loss

  • Discuss issues related to independence, autonomy, and privacy

  • Offer perspectives and suggestions that parents and caregivers
    can implement immediately

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and get concrete answers for practical steps they can take in real time—who has time to wait?